Equine Assisted Therapy


Warhorse Ranch is devoted to empowering veterans, first responders, trauma survivors, and those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and all mental health challenges. Warhorse Ranch is dedicated to reducing the risk of suicide.




Our vision, and the hope of our hearts, is to empower warriors who have seen darkness –– women and men of courage who have fought for their lives, and for the freedom of others. Using equine-assisted therapy, we seek to aid in normalizing the call for help, in destigmatizing mental health treatment, and in breaking chains that bind those who suffer mental health challenges. Through interaction with horses, human souls can be restored, and life’s difficulties better managed. By connecting horses with humans (both mental, emotional, and spiritual beings) healing and renewed life can begin.

Heart to Heart ~ Horses to Humans ~ for Healing

Through a combination of well-established and effective horse-related activities, Warhorse Ranch offers healing opportunities to adults and children who suffer from trauma-based challenges, general anxieties, inability to trust, day-to-day pressures, and more.  

In the world today, there is a broad spectrum of Equine Assisted Services designed to enhance the lives of people with various needs. The Warhorse Ranch human/equine experience and interaction takes place on the ground, rather than with the human in the horseback-alpha position. Communication between horse and human is simplified in this ground-based position of relative equality that enables healing through a remarkable mental/emotional connection.

So, Why Horses for Healing, you may wonder?

  • Between horses and humans, there is a powerful bond, a gift that defies explanation, even though it is felt in the heart and known to the mind.  
  • Horses and humans are creatures of community that rely upon their herd mates for relationship, mutuality of purpose, protection, and guidance. 
  • Horses are intelligent and kind; highly sensitive, instinctive, and intuitive. With these attributes, the horse is capable of recognizing human anxiety, aggression, tenderness, fear, and all manner of emotions.

The world-renowned horseman, Buck Brannaman, has said that the horse is a mirror to the human soul – and he is right. In the company of horses, we can find ourselves.

We invite you to give us a call, maybe come out to the country for a visit to a place where memories of a more peaceful time live on, in the company of horses. 

“Witnessing the individual breakthroughs with the horses acting as the catalyst was amazing. The environment created at the Warhorse Ranch was extremely supportive, and the onsite mental health professionals were available for private conversations. This is the supportive program needed for our first responders and veterans.”

“Horses give us the courage to find the transformation within”
“We fought together, We heal together”
“There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”